A new show opened at the FACES gallery that features the work of UFOs. Not the ones with little green men, but those other ones, the ones we are ashamed to speak of: the UnFinished Objects! Those projects that got half done, the ashamed second sock syndrome that affects knitters, the sweater parts just waiting to be sewn together, and the unopened embroidery kits.


Mary Kerr and friends tackled just such a project, a huge stack of uncompleted quilt blocks. These UFOs are not just beautiful, they are a representation of a moment in time. They were put into closets, and forgotten, until Mary Kerr rediscovered them at yard sales and flea markets. The blocks were then distributed amongst 19 women who experimented and designed, in order to re-imagine the blocks. The results are dramatic.

Reworked quilt block

Reworked quilt block

This of course brings to mind our own secret shames: those things that hide in all of our closets and craft rooms. Look again at those UFOs and be honest with yourself: are you ever going to finish that baby blanket for your nephew, who just started college, or could it find new life?  Finishing it could mean a donation to your local children’s hospital or a new place as the center medallion of a larger quilt. So I call you to action, to revisit, to rethink, and most of all, to finish! Those UFOs deserve it.


To learn more about the Mary Kerr collection, meet the legend herself, and get your books signed, come to FACES, on September 14, from 12 to 4.