Early American Coverlets: The Spence Collection

January 15, 2015 – March 28, 2015

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Join us at the opening reception! Saturday, February 14th, from 2-4pm.  


overshot patternThe coverlet collection of the Spence family will make you wonder why you haven’t spent more time looking for your own piece of American history. Handwoven beauties from the 1800’s were made by women, men, the housewife, and the traveling weaver. Easily overlooked in their day as necessary items, today the art in their various designs, use of color, durability, and charm is hard to miss. This slice of America’s material culture will be on display in the FACES gallery. for visitors who want to experience a lost art form.

Coverlets: noun \ˈkə-vər-lət, -(ˌ)lid\

Woven bed covers, used as the topmost covering on a bed. The weaver worked on a loom to construct the textile itself one row at a time, and the pattern was woven in as part of the process.