A Different Stitch

August 11 – November 12, 2016
There is a term for art that is ahead of it’s time, Avant Garde. The gallery is proud to host an exhibit that showcases a few of these artists who experiment with fiber in order to create new presepectives. Pushing boundaries and pioneering the future of fiber art is just the beginning. Join us in opening our minds and celebrating the artists who work with a different thread.

Special Meet-the-Artist open house on Saturday, October 8, 2-4pm with Lauren Lay.

Featuring the work of:

Kathleen Dove

K DoveKathleen’s work in assemblage art began with a fascination with obi she collected while in Asia. Using their natural tendency to drape and move she began “painting” with fabric. Moving on to other fabrics and found objects she creates images that seem to be in continual flow. Her artistic journey then took her to manipulating fabric through various dying and surface design techniques.



Judith Gunter

J GunterQuilter, Judith Gunter, chose fabric as her medium because it gives her the ability to make a one dimensional material into a multidimensional piece of artwork. Her work features geometry with natural forms to create her abstract interpretations. Her work often reflects world occurrences , pictorial images, and personal statements both somber and whimsical.


Lauren Lay

L LayLauren is the current Education Director at CREATE Arts Center in Silver Spring, MD. In her free time she is a textile, mixed media, and abstract artist. Her work for this show  reflects a three year journey to create four garments representing each of the season. Each piece is made entirely by hand and features her beaded embroidery and hand painted elements.


Pam Phillips

P PhillipsA graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art, Pam has been exhibiting her work around the world for many years. She combines her passion for drawing with fiber techniques to create one of a kind pieces that feel as if they are from another time.