Creating A Facebook Business Page

Creating A Facebook Business Page Benefits of Using Facebook for a Business • Increased exposure to potential Customers -- With 2.38 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. (source) • Decrease marketing expenses -- It costs exactly zero dollars to start a Facebook Business [...]

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FACES Etsy Tip #9 – Promote Yourself

Throughout our "Etsy Listings Basics" series, we've taken a deep dive into knowing your market and ideal customer, using Etsy's listing tools to effectively present your work, and setting pricing that will make you profitable. For the last piece in the series, let's look at how you will promote your shop and your work to [...]

FACES Etsy Tip #9 – Promote Yourself2019-06-19T08:56:37-04:00

FACES Etsy Tip #7 – Effective Tags

Imagine what words someone might type into search to find exactly what you have made. That’s what tags are. They are the one- or two-word phrases that shoppers might enter in the Etsy search bar when looking for something like what you’ve made. Etsy gives you 13 tags to work with for each listing. It’s [...]

FACES Etsy Tip #7 – Effective Tags2019-06-19T06:53:37-04:00

FACES Etsy Tip #6 – Item Description – Tell a Story

Your item description should have two main parts.  Tip #5 talked about getting the basics right. In #6, we'll talk about the "sales pitch" and how to get someone excited about your piece enough to click "Add to Cart." If you were selling your work in person, beyond the basic details, what would you say [...]

FACES Etsy Tip #6 – Item Description – Tell a Story2019-06-18T08:32:46-04:00

FACES Etsy Tips – #4 – Make Your Titles Search Friendly

Titles are super-important in Etsy. When someone enters a word or phrase into the search box in Etsy, your title is one of the data points Etsy’s search algorithm will review for matches. Having a well thought out title can help you make sure to be found. You only have 140 characters to work with [...]

FACES Etsy Tips – #4 – Make Your Titles Search Friendly2019-06-18T08:33:39-04:00
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