Hello FACES Members and Friends,

If you didn’t know, FACES offers Etsy coaching as one of our benefits of membership. I’ve had a great time getting to know some of our members these last few months and helping them to sell their work in our Etsy shop or to improve or create their own shops.

Whether you’re new to selling online, or you’ve been selling a long time, it can’t hurt to step back and make sure you are making the best use of the resources available to you. To help with that, I’ve put together a series of Etsy Tips that I’ll be sharing. Here’s the first tip…

FACES Etsy Tip #1 – Stand Out From The Crowd

Etsy is a great place to sell your handmade fiber art. It’s also crowded! There are literally millions of pieces of artwork, crafts, and supplies. If you want to be successful, you need to stand out. Look for a niche where you can stand out. Stick to your strengths and play to them. You may already know exactly what you want to do. Or, as we work through all of the tips, what that means for you may start to take shape.

What does it look like to stand out? Let’s look at the top seller in the FACES Etsy Shop – The Harriet Tubman Quilt Pattern.

We sell a lot of the Harriet Tubman Quilt patterns. It’s our top seller. Why? It’s a one of a kind. As of right now, if you search Etsy for “Harriet Tubman Quilt” it’s one of only 2 listings, and the only pattern. It’s a pretty specific search, but if someone is looking for that specific thing, we’ve got the market cornered!

Not every item you create has to be that specific, but as you create think about what makes your work unique. What can you do better than most? What unique perspective can you bring to your work that will make it stand out from the crowd? If you start thinking about how you’ll stand out and sell while you’re creating your pieces, you’ll be well on your way when it’s time to list your items in our shop or your own!

Check back for more tips and tricks or search “Etsy Tips” to see more posts. And check out our Etsy shop for FACES’s artists unique works available for sale now!