Photography is everything. Seriously. Your photos can make or break your Etsy shop.

Your work is going to be judged by the photo. Since your prospective buyer can’t pick up and touch what you’ve made, your photos have to tell the whole story. You can be the best quilter, knitter, weaver, etc. in the whole world, but if your photos don’t show it, you’ll have a heard time appealing to online buyers. It’s that simple.

Luckily, it’s not too hard to get a pretty good photo. If you want to get into the details of how to take great photos, check out our photo tutorial HERE.

Sometimes it helps to have something to aim for, so here are some sample images where the artist has done a good job of featuring their work in the photos. Have a look .

Check out this listing for a baby blanket. What makes the photos for this listing pop? The photos are hi-res and make good use of the lighting. Different photos show different variations in color, and there’s even a photo of the blanket with a baby to help you imagine it with a baby you may know.

Have a look at the options for this fiber art wall hanging. The photos show the piece in different settings, and in different sizes and colors. Having all those images can help a buyer to imagine the piece in their home or work space.

Here’s a great example of fiber art supplies – alpaca yarn. Etsy is a great place to find arts and craft supplies, particularly yarn. This listing is great because the photos of the yarn are clear and detailed. Different photos show different colors that are available. It also includes photos of the alpacas that the yarn came from.

It’s not hard to take good photos. But it’s also important to take the right photos to tell your pieces story. At the very least you need a photo that shows the entire piece, at least one photo that shows detail and work quality, and at least one other photo that shows off the piece as it’s meant to be enjoyed. If you can show even more than those, even better.

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