Your item description should have two main parts.  Tip #5 talked about getting the basics right. In #6, we’ll talk about the “sales pitch” and how to get someone excited about your piece enough to click “Add to Cart.”

If you were selling your work in person, beyond the basic details, what would you say about your work? This is the thing that can make a difference.

If you’ve ever worked in a retail environment, you know there’s a point when someone zones in on something that they like. They might take it off the rack, turn it around. A savvy sales person might walk over and say something like “That sweater is made from pure alpaca wool from a farm not far from here.” Do you feel yourself getting pulled into the story of the piece? It’s not just a sweater now. It’s got a back story. These kinds of details help to sell.

Another way to tell your story is to talk about your inspiration. I have a hand knit red sweater that I just love. You may have even seen me wearing it at FACES. I know the artist and when I was visiting with her she talked about how she was inspired by the the color variations in the yarn, and why she likes that particular pattern, why it’s a flattering shape. It got me to thinking…

The last thing about your description: be memorable. People may not buy right away. Some people may visit your shop a few times before they make a decision. If your work is memorable and your descriptions tell a story that hooks them, they’ll come back to make the purchase. It’s not so different as in real life when you browse to narrow down your choices before you make a final decision. Be memorable enough to make the list.

I didn’t buy that red sweater right away, but I kept thinking about it. It’s a one of a kind! That red is a great shade. I can wear it a lot of places. It wasn’t too long before I went back to buy it.

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