Titles are super-important in Etsy. When someone enters a word or phrase into the search box in Etsy, your title is one of the data points Etsy’s search algorithm will review for matches. Having a well thought out title can help you make sure to be found. You only have 140 characters to work with so you’ll want to make them count.

The first, best piece of advice I have for you is, don’t over think it! If you are selling a yellow crib quilt, your title should start with Yellow Crib Quilt. Start with the most basic description, because the algorithm will scan the first few words of your title for matches.

Second, don’t use too much flowery language. “Gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, unique, detailed amazing quilt” is not going to do well in search. Save all the adjectives for the description – you’ll need them there!

Third, think like a buyer. Why search terms would someone use if they were looking for the thing you have made? If you’ve made something that could be searched in multiple ways, try to include those in your title. For example, “Queen Size Quilt – Blanket.” Now you’ve covered Quilt and Blanket in search. And don’t be overly technical in the title. You might never call a quilt a blanket, but someone that doesn’t know the difference still has money to spend and might become a fan. For the true quilt fan, you can include the technicalities of your work in the description.

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