Stitches That Sing

Since the birth of the music video, musicians have been collaborating with other artists to creatively visualize their work. It was only a matter of time before fiber artists were tapped to join in on the fun. I wanted to introduce you to three amazing works of art, that were created by fiber artists, from around the world, to express music.

First up is one of my long time favorites: Walkie Talkie Man, released in 2004.  It was released by the New Zealand-based band, Steriogram. Things to look for in the video include knitting, crochet, sewing, felting, soft sculpture, string art, and a giant wool arm. The video was widely popular, around the world, due to the art direction.  In fact, the video was nominated for a Grammy and four Music Video Awards, in 2005.


Next, is the 2007 song Les peaux de lievers, from the French Canadian group, Tricot Machine. Considering that tricot is French for knitting, it is only fitting that they hired designer Lysanne Latulippe to create over the 700 knitted panels that comprise this highly stylized and moody video. Each panel is a frame of the video, which shows a happy couple singing of love, and frolicking in the fluffy snow.


Finally, we end with one of the more bizarre examples of yarn bombing gone awry. The 2011 tune, Polarity Song, from American group Seventeen Evergreen, takes things to a different level. This video is a symphony of the fiber arts!  As shoppers of a thrift store are systematically kidnapped, they are taken to another world, where everything from the blender to the exercise bike are yarn bombed to excess.


Fiber can come in many formats, so don’t be afraid to go out and explore.