Creating Crewel Designs by George Laufert

I design my own crewel creations.  However, I never know where the inspiration for a design might surface . . . . .

My son and his family have been living in Rome Italy for the past two years.  So, my wife and I have had several opportunities to visit him there.  Ancient Rome sits side-by-side with modern Rome and together they span more than twenty-nine centuries of history. The many sights in Rome are truly magnificent and inspiring.  The city is rich in history and artistry.  While in Rome, we have visited the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica on several occasions and attended Christmas midnight mass there in 2011.  The spectacle, the pomp, the ceremony all provided me with vivid impressions and wonderful memories.   It also gave me the idea for my latest design that incorporates a silhouetted St. Peter’s into a highly symbolic view of the splendor of this church.

Anyone familiar with my designs will know that this latest design is way out of the box for me.  I hope it gives me the confidence to approach my sewing with new ideas and a fresh perspective.

So, keep your eyes and your mind open when traveling because you never know where inspiration will come from or where it will take you.