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Ulrika Leander

Ulrika Leander
Phone: (410)745-4303
Mailing Address:
5592 Poplar Lane
Royal Oak, Maryland 21662

Fiber Art Artist : Tapestry
Talbot County, MD

Studio: Contemporary Tapestry Weaving (near the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry)
Visitors welcome by appointment

As a tapestry artist, Ulrika expresses her creativity through her large-scale tapestries. Working with a wide vertical loom, up to 12 ft. in one direction and more than 30ft.  in the other direction, she combines a contemporary technique with the highest quality tapestry yarns from Scandinavia and Australia. For her, painting is the gateway to tapestry and it is through the medium of watercolor that she explores the thoughts, feelings, emotions and daily observations of the world around her which constantly feeds her subconscious urge to create.

As she paints, she is also thinking about the transition to the tapestry medium; the range of yarn colors and tones that will be needed and the intensification of colors that occur when the image is transposed to the much larger surface of the tapestry. She is constantly exploring the interaction and tensions between unusual and unexpected color groups as a means of generating emotional impact. She is drawn to weaving by its very complexity as an art form and by the fascination of the gradual transition of her watercolor, over many months of patience and totally absorbing effort, into a large-scale tapestry which expresses aesthetically, the full intensity of her inspiration.

For more information please visit Ulrika’s website.

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