Needlepoint Workshop with Bunny Zaremba

Sundays August 10th through 31st;  2 pm to 4pm

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About the Class

Learn the art of color and creativity that is Needlepoint. There will be no kits nor painted canvas in this class, the goal will be to stimulate the imagination and motivate a person to see more that what they think they see. Student will then learn how to transfer this creativity into an original piece of needlework from a photograph.

Class  fee is $35


About Bunny

Bunny Zaremba has taken the art of needlepoint to a new level. She has studied Serigraphy at the Corcoran School of Art and the Leeds School in England. After a visit to an exhibit on Chinese Needlepoint, she was inspired to start a new hobby and art. Since then, her art has been on display around the Mid-Atlantic area in exhibitions and competitions and has won several prizes. Bunny specializes in creating patterns from photos, that have a dimension and palette all their own.