by The Olde Kent Quilters Repro Bee

On Display October 26th thru January 5th
Thursday thru Saturday

FACES is proud to welcome The Olde Kent Quilters Repro Bee of Chestertown, MD and their exhibit “Ode to Infinite Variety.” They will be arriving in the gallery on October 26th and running through January 5th. The exhibition will feature a group of small quilted hangings, thru which the members have combined their study of 19th century quilting traditions with the stories of the Quilters Hall of Fame inductees. From a group bus trip to see 2011’s sensational “Infinite Variety” exhibit at the New York Armory came the concept for this collection. Each Bee member’s design inspiration came from one of the quilts in Joanna Rose’s collection of over 650 red and white quilts. Each of these 26” by 32” quilts shows a small portion of the visual impact, diversity, and creativity of Joanna’s collection.

Members of the Repro Bee include Betty Ann Grant, Gerry Vaughan, Cathy Morin, Emily Williamson, Martha Holland, Sandee Trakat, Judi Gunter, Alice Reinbold, Marge Celuska, Judy Buchman, and Beverly Birkmire