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If you know of an event not listed on our regional calendar, feel free to add it using the form below. If you would like to promote your event on our home page, for a minimum of two weeks time, you may select that option below as well. All members of the community are invited to submit events to our calendar. All events submitted are subject to review prior to being posted, and FACES reserves the right to publish at our own discretion.

Our FACES coordinator is also available to assist users who need help adding their events to our calendar. Reach out to or 410-479-1009.

You will receive an email confirmation when your event has been received. Most events are then published within 24 hours.

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In order to promote your event on our website, you must select a start and end date which are at least 2 weeks (14 days) apart. If your event is coming up sooner than that, you can adjust the start date to an earlier day than today, so that you have a minimum of 14 days in the "Number of Days to Promote" field below, at your discretion.

Your event will not promoted or submitted to our calendar unless you have entered a promotional time period of at least 14 days. If you do not want to promote your event, please change your selection to "No, thank you" in the field above titled "Would you like to promote your event on the FACES website?"

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