With Lynn Davis – Beginner Friendly

Sunday, March 22nd, 9am – 4pm (Rescheduled Date)

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About the Class

Ages 16 and up

Beginner Friendly

Do you have a jelly roll quilt top waiting to be quilted? Or did you make one at our Jelly Roll Quilt Top class on March 19th? Come out and learn an easy way to quilt it yourself with your standard home sewing machine. In this class we will “un-sew” three seams, quilt the top in small, manageable pieces, using the decorative stitches on our machines, and then, join it all back together. The best part – you will never have to work with more than 18 inches of your quilt under the throat of your sewing machine!

What you need to bring:

1 Jelly Roll quilt top – made from a standard jelly role.

Backing fabric: 3 1/2 to 4 yards (45 inches wide)

Binding & joining strips: 1 1/2 yards of fabric.

Batting: 45″ wide – 3 1/2 to 4 yards.  Suggested:  a thin, needled cotton batting or Poly-fil 80/20 quilt batting (usually carried at Walmart)

Thread: 1 spool of neutral color thread for piecing.  2-3 spools of colored thread (coordinating or contrasting with your fabrics) for quilting. These may be different color or all one color.

Sewing Machine. (If you do not have a sewing machine, FACES does have a limited number of sewing machines. Please email info@fiberartscenter.com to confirm if one is available for you to use.)

Seam Ripper,


Quilting Pins. (Suggested: large curved safety pins)

Helpful but optional: rotary cutter, cutting mat, 6 x 24 inch ruler, iron, ironing pad.

Class Fee $30

About Your Teacher, Lynn Davis

Lynn Davis has had a love for many fiber arts since childhood.  Quilts are particularly special to her for their rich history and tradition of being stitched with love and out of necessity to keep a family warm.  Lynn’s personal journey with quilts began in 2010 when she joined a local quilt guild.  Her favorite quilts to make are one that are fast, fun and done.  She now enjoys sharing the tips and techniques that she has tried with others, especially beginners, who want to tell their own story and wrap someone else in stitches of love and warmth.