Children of Israel

Block #8: Children of Israel

Sponsored by: Shirley Rohrbaugh and Betty Uebel

Located at the Tuckahoe Friends Meeting House.
24820 Meeting House Rd, Denton, MD 21629
Painted by 2nd Saturdays at The Artsway Participants

The Unveiling

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The Story

In 1754, the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends told its members “To live in ease and plenty, by the toil of those whom violence and cruelty have put in our power, is neither consistent with Christianity nor common justice.” By the 1770s, the Quaker communities in North America were united on the proposition that no Quaker should think to claim a human being as property. Slavery was, in Quaker eyes, a “national evil.”  Thus the Quakers became the first major group to publically speak out against the practice of slavery in the US and England.

Within a generation, the Quakers had become part of Underground Railroad story. Not every house once owned by a Quaker was a stop on the Underground Railroad. But, many Quakers were active in the housing and moving of people en route to freedom. Rev. Samuel R. Ward describes the escape of his parents from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to southern New Jersey in 1820. They left with the intention, Ward wrote, “to reach a Free State, and live among Quakers.” They found refuge in Greenwich, New Jersey. There were no slave-holders there. Ward wrote, “when the slave-catchers came prowling about the Quakers placed all manner of peaceful obstacles in their way, while the Negroes made it a little too hot for their comfort.”

Children of Israel