Log Cabin

Block #4: Log Cabin

Sponsored by: J.O.K. Walsh

Located at the James Webb Cabin in Preston.
23459 Grove Rd. Preston, MD 21655
Painted by members of the African American Historical Advisory Committee

The Unveiling

To Be Announced

The Story

This style of home was first brought to North America by Swedish settlers who set up homes in what is today Southern New Jersey. The log cabin construction method was later copied by many settlers in the new world as it was easy to make with the available materials in many parts of the growing country. And thus the log cabin was moved slowly across the continent to house the earliest European settlers of the continent. The Webb Cabin itself was built of materials found nearby, including the ballast stone foundation from ships of the bay.

Most of the time, log cabins were built to be the starter home and were not necessarily meant to last and stand for hundreds of years. Those few examples that exist are treasures to add to our historical landscape. Today the meaning behind the imagery of the log cabin is seen as the most humble of origins and the basis of homespun Americana. We look at the log cabin as the basis of the pioneering spirit that allowed our country to grow and flourish. As a symbol of home it stands as a testament to the journey for every person to create a safe haven for their family to grown in.

Log Cabin at the James Webb Cabin