Pine Tree

Block #15: Pine Tree

Sponsored by: Blair Carmean

Located at Adkins Arboretum
12610 Eveland Rd, Ridgely, MD 21660
Painted by Denton Community Demonstration Garden

The Unveiling

September 25, 2013

The Story

Harriet Tubman gave many bits of advice to travelers on the Underground Railroad. One of these was to “travel using the cover of nature.” This knowledge gained by runaways, mostly by word of mouth, was vital to survival. Knowing how to navigate a forest for food, water, and shelter helped many to make the way north.

Harriet’s knowledge of forest terrain was acquired during her time spent with her father in the lumbering business. The trees and forest of the Eastern Shore provided the traveler with cover and shelter, and Harriet was well acquainted with the forests of the area. The dense foliage of our area’s pine trees offered resting places between the stations on the trail, which could be some 10 to 20 miles apart.

Pine Tree at Adkins Arboretum