Block #9: Sailboat

Sponsored by: Caroline Office of Tourism

Located at the Choptank River Heritage Center
10219 River Landing Road, Denton, MD 21629
Painted by Local Government Officials and Staff.

The Unveiling

September 28, 2013

The Story

Boats could be found along many of the famous Underground Railroad routes. Water was a quick and efficient means of travel for many freedom seekers. Slaves seeking safety in the North often traveled on boast by special invitation, with purchased tickets, or as stowaways.

In this region, escaping slaves could board boats that sailed up the Chesapeake Bay from the many waterfront cities and towns. In the 1800s many ship’s pilots and sailors were African Americans, who were willing to hide fugitives and helped them on their way. It was very common to see African American men on ships, so their presence did not arouse too much suspicion. There were also many white captains who served as conductors for the Underground Railroad.