Wagon Wheels Carry Me Home

Block #13: Wagon Wheels Carry Me Home

Sponsored by: Town of Greensboro

Located at Curtis Harvey Memorial Park
218 East Sunset Avenue, Greensboro, MD 21639
Painted by Caroline Mentoring

The Unveiling

To Be Announced

The Story

Freedom seekers were occasionally able to find sympathetic people who would allow them to ride in their wagons for part of their journey. Operators of the Underground Railroad often used the wagon move people by hiding them or traveling under cover of darkness. This was a trick Harriet Tubman used on her frequent journeys. A well-known design for such “freedom wagons” used a platform built halfway down the wagon; hay or other agricultural products would be stacked on top of the platform and slaves would hide underneath. The Highway to Freedom in Dorchester County was a former Indian trail turned local road that many people used to flee from slavery. Along this and similar routes the wagon was a common sight and would arouse no suspicion, the perfect way to hide in plain sight.

Wagon Wheels Carry Me Home at Greensboro Waterfront Park