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Welcome to our regional quilt database. Please note this is a work in progress and many more entries are in the process of being added. Check back often for updates.

ID Number: 1501EF0502

Quilt Title: Mother-In-Law

Current location: Easton, Maryland
Year Acquired: 2007
How Acquired: inherited

About Quilt

Quilt Name or Pattern Used: Unknown

Source of Pattern: Unknown

Owner’s Relationship to Maker: Granddaughter-in-law
Did the maker do the quilting? Yes
Made in: Easton, Talbot County, Maryland, United States
Made for: Birth Used for: Unknown
Previously used fabrics: No
Has this quilt been exhibited or entered in competitions? No

Maker Profile

Quiltmaker’s Personal Information

Occupation: Housewife
Highest Education Level Completed: Elementary
Religion: Episcopal
Ethnicity: White
Environment: Urban
Number of Children: 4
Economic Circumstances of Childhood: Moderate
Economic Circumstances of Marriage: Wealthy

Quiltmaker’s Quilting Information

Where did she learn to quilt? At home
At what age did the quilter do most of her quilt-related work? Middle Age
Where did the quilter get her fabrics? Unknown
Did quilter combine old and new fabrics? Unknown
Did quilter piece her own tops? Yes
Piecing Preferences: By Hand
Where did quilter get her piecing designs? Newspaper
Did quilter put deliberate errors in quilts? No
Did quilter do her own quilting? Yes
Where did quilter get her quilt designs? Unknown
Did quilter mark her own tops? Unknown
Did she quilt in a group? No
Did she quilt in any bees? No
Quilting done by Hoop
What season was most quilting done? Unknown
What time of day was quilting done? Morning
Reason for quiltmaking Necessity
Did she teach her daughters or daughters-in-law to quilt? Yes
Did she teach others to quilt? Unknown
Approximately how many quilts did she produce in her lifetime? Unknown
Did quilter exhibit any of her quilts? No



Type of Object Blocks or Patches
Does this object have a SPECIFIC VISUAL ORIENTATION, head to foot? No
If it is a quilt, is it shaped for a four poster bed? No
Is this one of a matched pair? No

More Specific Information

Overall Condition Worn
Measurement Left Side (in inches) 83″
Measurement Bottom (in inches) 64 3/4″
Was this made from a kit? No
Does this item have inscribed NAMES, DATES, INITIALS? No
The signers are: Owner
Embroidery thread is made of: Cotton

Quilt Top

Fabric Cotton, Rayon
Fabric Style Print, Shirting-indigo blue
Pattern Type Pieced
Pieced Block repeated
Background Color No background – all blocks with border
List up to 3 predominant colors, most dominant first Indigo blue, red/tan strip, tan
Piecing Techniques Hand
Seams are pressed: To One Side
Width of Seam Allowance in Inches: 1/4″
Are pieces pieced (seam will be visible)? Yes
Do these fabrics appear to have been used previously? No
Edges of Applique Turned under
Setting Straight
Size of blocks: 13 1/2″ x 14 3/4″
Number of Horizontal Blocks 4
Number of Vertical Blocks 5
Number of Diagonal Blocks 4
Is there sashing present? No
Sashing Appliques
Connecting blocks in sashing: Same as sashing
Borders Yes
Multiple borders? No
Border width 5 3/4″
Borders are Butted

Quilting Mechanics

Techniques Hand, Machine
If by hand, what stitch? Running
Quilting thread is Cotton, Linen
1st Measurement 6
2nd Measurement 6
3rd Measurement 6
1st Measurement Rows/Inch 1 1/4″ – border
2nd Measurement Rows/Inch 2 1/2″

Quilting Patterns

Overall Pattern Yes
What is the overall pattern? Parallel Lines, grid and diagonal


Fiber content of batting is Cotton
Is the quilting embellished No
How inserted? Sandwich

Edges and Binding

The edge is shaped in a Straight line
The corners are Butted
The edge is Self-finished by machine
If self-finished, it is Back turned to front
Color Edge is cotton of woven pattern – color not noted
Is the applied edge fabric also found in the top of the quilt? Yes

Other Edge Treatments

Fringe No
Ruffle No
Are folded fabric points present on the edge? Yes
Are the points made of fabric found in the top? Yes

Quilt Back

Fabric Cotton – Cotton Print
Is the back all one piece of fabric? No
Is the back made from more than one piece of fabric (seams present)? No
How many seams are present? 10
Is the back all one style (print) of fabric? No
Is the back made up of more than one style (print) of fabric? Yes
Number of different prints 2
Is it a patchwork design? No
Is back pieced of strips? 11
Width of strip #1 5 1/2″ – Salmon
Width of strip #2 6 to 7″ – blue
Color(s) of strips if present Salmon print and blue flowers
Are different strips used only to attain size? Yes


The fabric of this object’s top and bottom are of significantly different ages? No
The object has been altered No
Has the object been laundered? Yes
Overall condition of the object Fair
Condition of the back Good
Condition of the colors Fair
Are stains present? Yes
Stains are present on object Front
Estimate AGE of this object: 1876-1900
This object has unusual features? No
Pattern Typical of the time

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