The Lives and Goods of the Eastern Shore Alpaca Farmer

March 27th through June 14

[info_box title=”Meet the Alpacas”]

Join us at the opening reception! Saturday, April 12th, from 2-4pm; when some of the alpacas will be joining us in the Artsway.  In addition, a spinning demonstrations will allow you to experiment with some Alpaca roving.

These friendly and adorable creatures are the producers of the most exquisite fiber that is on the market today. Cultivated by the Incas for suri.1thousands of years, the Alpaca is prized for its long stapled fibers that come in over 22 different shades of color, ranging in the whites, browns, grays, and blacks. The popularity of Alpaca farming has seen a great surge in the past few decades throughout the US and our Eastern Shore friends have taken to a new level.

Come in to learn more about these amazing animals from South America and their fiber. Roving, yarn and finished goods from our featured farms will be on display and for sale.


Alpaca Road

Outstanding Dreams Farm