Kindness Rock Painting w/Rob’s Hope

“It all started with a single stone on a beach in Cape Cod and now spans the globe. The Kindness Rock Project is based on the profound truth that one message at the right moment can change someone’s day, their outlook, and indeed, their whole life.” Learn more about this great organization, how you can become involved locally, and paint some rocks!

Kindness Rock Painting w/Rob’s Hope2019-04-01T17:05:23-04:00

Collage w/Rob’s Hope

Collage can be a great tool for reflection and a very intuitive way of telling a story. The images, colors, words and textures you select all play a part. What's your story and how will you choose to tell it? Examples, materials and assistance will be provided.

Collage w/Rob’s Hope2019-05-20T22:57:14-04:00

Drawing Mandalas w/ Rob’s Hope

Saturday, March 9, 4-6pm Drawing Mandalas - Krista Carter-Smith Ages 16 and older Class Size: 10 people, registration required Mandalas have been used throughout the ages, and across cultures and religions, as a form of meditation, prayer, and self-discovery. Find your center as we explore the process of drawing and coloring a mandala. Demonstrations, examples, materials [...]

Drawing Mandalas w/ Rob’s Hope2019-02-09T09:58:49-05:00

CANCELLED – Beaded Bracelets and Prayer Beads w/ Rob’s Hope

CLASS CANCELLED Saturday, February 9, 4-6pm Beaded Bracelets and Prayer Beads - Amy Carter Ages 16 and older Lose yourself in color, pattern, and texture as you create a simple bracelet or set of prayer beads. Learn the symbolism attached to colors, numbers, stones, and other materials. Play with shape, size and pattern. Demonstrations, examples, materials [...]

CANCELLED – Beaded Bracelets and Prayer Beads w/ Rob’s Hope2019-02-09T10:01:13-05:00
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