Beginning Applique: Tulip Quilt

With Kay Butler – Beginner Friendly Tuesday, October 20th, 10am – 4pm & Tuesday, October 27th, 10am – 1pm [button text=”Register Now ” size=”large” url=”″ corners=”subtle” /] Reserve your spot today, as class sizes are limited! […]

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The Textile Art of the Kuna Women The women of the Kuna tribe, in what is today Panama and Columbia, have been holding a secret. They have been making the most amazing and colorful blouses for generations, made with a technique called mola. Being able to make a beautiful and intricate pattern with mola is [...]



  No, I did not just randomly hit the keyboard. Kumihimo is Japanese for “gathered threads,” but we can call it extreme braiding. What makes this type of braiding so amazing is the wonderful variety of patterns you can make with simple twining. This technique creates the beautiful flat and wide braids often found on [...]


Let’s Try Sprang

After reading up on the traditional techniques of sprang I just had to give it a try. I started by reading through the various books in my personal library, various websites, and all of the free how-to documents I could find. I decided to challenged myself to only use things I could find around the [...]

Let’s Try Sprang2017-01-12T00:06:11-05:00


What People Did Before Knitting The first thing you may be thinking is: There was a time before knitting. How did people survive the late nights? Well, they created stretchable fabrics with a technique know today as sprang. This technique looks like a cross between knitting and braiding. In fact, museums around the world were [...]

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