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FACES continues to operate in a Covid-19 conscious environment.  We require all of our unvaxed visitors to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Our current days and hours are Wednesday, 12-4:00pm, Thursday, 12-4:00pm, Friday, 12-4:00pm and Saturday, 12-4:00pm.

For other days, if you would like to schedule a tour or make an appointment,
please contact: 
410-253-9716 (Victoria) or 410-829-5136 (Kay).

Dear Members,
    We are on to something good! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Do you realize we have grown by over 100 active current members in just over a year! We have 5 lovely quilt guilds supporting us as members! We are hosting over 120 visitors a month from across the country in our little building! And we have just started! As our exhibit chair and program director, Kay Butler would say…. “Just you wait and see what we will do!” We are so appreciative of the such wonderful, supportive people around us – our families, our members, our visitors, the Arts Council and the public.
   We gave an impromptu fiber art show at Summerfest in Denton last weekend. It was lovely to see the coverlets and quilts out adorning the Artsway along the garden path. It was a nice balance to the hustle and bustle of cotton candy, fish sandwiches and the twanging “Electric Slide” in front of the Courthouse.

   If the weather permits and our members are up for it, we may expand this to include our members who would like to show off their fiber art. There were lots of smiles, and curious questions about construction and history. It was a fun couple of days.

     We have had a great show with Laura Boehl and next will be Wendi Ferranti, who you will love! The Member Exhibit finishes the year so be sure to see Kay if you haven’t registered your piece to put in the exhibit.

Watch out for school buses!

Victoria McConnell



Fiber Arts Center of the Eastern Shore Presents  

The Amazing Textile Work of Laura Waggner Boehl

From July 5 to September 3, the Fiber Arts Center
is showcasing the work of Laura Waggner Boehl.


Quilting is Laura’s passion and fabric her artistic medium. The quilts she makes are what is in her head or what suites her fancy at the time. She is always open to inspiration and new techniques to express herself.  She became a quilter in 1984 when her passion was ignited by her mother-in-law, Marie Boehl.  Shortly after starting her first quilt, Laura attended a lecture on quilting given by Pat Long Gardner, a Baltimore fiber artist and teacher of fiber art at Maryland Institute of Art.  Pat also taught quilting classes in her home and Laura soon joined the other 20 plus women who quilted with Pat on Mondays and Wednesday during the school year. Laura quilted with the group for 11 years.  Laura has always considered these women her mentors and the group her quilting Master’s degree.  Partially due to her quilting group who all encouraged risk taking and forward thinking,  Laura has always had a modern twist to her work.  She especially enjoys piecing her backs which become a canvas for artistic exploration.  She uses all the leftovers from the front, plus extras from her stash and pieces it all together in a random, artistic improv fashion. 


The exhibit runs through September 3,  2022.  We welcome your visit on Wednesdays Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 12:00 – 4:00pm each day.  
The exhibit is free of charge.



Next up in the Gallery, we present Wendy Ferranti
from Sept. 6 through October 29.

Wendy’s work has consisted over the years of piecing,
needle turn, applique, and color design.



Fiber Arts Center of the Eastern Shore Member Textile Exhibit

The Fiber Arts Center of the Eastern Shore is excited to announce a very special upcoming exhibit. FACES will be showcasing the textile work of many of its very talented members from November 2 to December 31. You will see lovely works of art including a lovely Baltimore Album quilt, knitted projects, a John Wayne quilt and wonderful artistic wall hangings, all made by members who have supported the Fiber Arts Center this year.
Come see an amazing exhibit and be inspired.
Please call Kay Butler for more information at 410/829-5136.



Quilt Appraisal Day With Phyllis Hatcher
Wednesday, August 31, 9am – 3pm
Cost: $55.00



Barn Block Painting Class
Thursday, Sept. 8
Time:  9am – 4pm
Cost:  $70.00 member, $80.00 non member
Instructor:  Victoria McConnell
Please call Victoria at 410-253-9716 to sign up.
Important: please contact Victoria (410-253-9716) two weeks before class about your design.



Macrame Heart Wall Hanging Class

Instructor: Alice Engle

Cost: $35.00 Member, $45.00 Non Member

Date: September 10, 2022

Time: 10:00 am – 2:00pm

Students will learn the art of making basic cord knots and configuring knots into a lovely and simple heart wall decoration.

The kit for the wall hanging will be provided by the instructor for a class fee of $15.

Class supplies: Straight pins with a big head, a padded board approximately 12-20 inches to anchor pins.

If you have further questions, call 410-490-2087 or 410-829-5136. Sign up at the Fiber Arts Center (www.fiberartscenter.com) today!



Baltimore Country Cousin Quilt Class

Dates:  September 16, October 14, November 11, December 16, 2022

Cost: $60.00 member,  $75.00 non member
Time: 10am – 2pm

Come join us for a lovely quilt adventure at the Fiber Arts Center! In this class we will be focusing on the hand applique techniques to render four beautiful quilt blocks to make a wonderful quilted wall hanging/quilt. Each month we will construct a block and learn how to applique stems, flowers, circles and more. You will become quite adept at appliquing lovely designs! Contact instructor, Kay Butler for further questions: 410-829-5136   or email: mrs.kay.butler@gmail.com

Baltimore Country Cousin Fabric Requirements

Each block in the wall hanging/quilt is 16” square. We will be focusing on 4 blocks for this class and will feature a block each month.

Background: 2 yards of cream or white tone on tone prints 

Border: 1 ½ yard 

Green for stems and leaves: 4-5 fat quarters

 I use five different greens in medium to dark values and ranging in color from yellow greens to dark hunter greens.

Red for flowers, hearts, and details: a couple of fat quarters or scraps.

Yellow for flowers and details: a couple of fat quarters or scraps.

Blue for vases, flowers and details: a couple of fat quarters 

Pink for flowers and details: a couple of fat quarters 

Class Supplies:

Blue water soluble pen (you can find these in Walmart)


Applique Pins

Embroidery fabric scissors

Applique Needles  or Sharps #10

White quilting thread (we’ll use for basting)

Matching thread for leaves, flowers, basket, etc.

Optional: light box (I’ll have one available)

Painters tape (I’ll be happy to share mine)

Fee for printed patterns: $10.00 (to be collected by the instructor in class); 

You may wish to purchase on Amazon: Baltimore Country Cousin book by Susan McKelvey. Right now you can get it for about $6.75 used. Shipping will be about $3.50. You don’t have to purchase the book but it is a great reference. We will be using 16 inch patterns that I will print for you. (The book features 12 inch blocks….)



MEMBERS ONLY Global Quilt Connection at FACES
Sept. 17 and 18 live on Zoom or on Sept. 19 at the Fiber Arts Center projected on screen.

These Presentations are a FREE perk of your Fiber Arts Center Individual or Artist Membership. You can access these links on Zoom to see presentations from  master quilters from around the world. Please let us know which teachers you prefer as we may use your input to hire them for a full workshop.
If you would like to see both presentations at FACES, we will project them on screen on Monday, September 19 from 9-4 for a cost of $5.00 per member/ $10.00 per non-member.
Questions???  Ask Victoria McConnell 410-253-9716

The links to watch the events are below.

September 17, 2022 event link:


September 18, 2022 event link:


Note:  that if the links are not clickable you will have to copy/paste them into your browser



Painting With Fibers – Introduction to Needle Felting
In this class you will learn to use needle felting techniques to add texture, color and life to your wool “paintings” and take home a beautiful wall hanging.

Date:  Saturday, September, 24
Time:  11am – 2 pm
Cost:  Member $40  Non member $50 ***
 *** plus Kit Fee:  $35.00/kit
Instructor:  Monika Karousman

Please call Kathleen McCulloch @ 443-995-1096 to sign up for this class.  Or leave a voice mail at the Fiber Arts Center at 443-448-4611 and we will return your call.  Please remember to leave your full name and return phone number.  



The T-Shirt Quilt Class is for the Confident Beginner

Instructor: Lou Diefenderfer

Date: October 8, 2022

Class time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Price: $30 Members $40 Non Members


The T-shirt Quilt is a very popular quilt with young people and people that collect t-shirts.

This is what I suggest: use solids for (optional frames); black/dark for shadow; your background can be anything you choose.

I will show you how to debone your t-shirts, iron on fusible interfacing and cutting your t-shirt for your block.

You’re only making one easy block; putting (optional) frame around it; adding shadow frame; putting rows together with sashing. It’s simple but time consuming. You can actually make a pillow from your t-shirt block, a bed runner with 4-5 t-shirts or a quilt with 9-12 t-shirts. I will teach you the process and you take it from there. Normally students get 2 blocks done in class. I look forward to meeting each of you & teaching you this process!


12 T-Shirts with neck and sleeves trimmed out
6 yards lightweight fusible interfacing (about 17″ square for each T-Shirt) Fabric for Frame (optional): 1-1/4 yards total or 1/8 yard per block Shadow (black) 1 yard
Background 1-1/2 yards
Backing fabric 5/8 yard
Large square ruler (15″ or larger)
Large ironing mat (17×24) and iron
Parchment Paper



Angel Wall Hanging Class with Priscilla Hodge

October 29th  & Nov. 12th
10am -3pm

Cost: $35 members/$45 non members – Please call
Kay Butler to sign up for this class at 410-829-5136

Get ready to decorate for the holidays as you stitch this heavenly angel wall hanging! Students will be designing a paper pieced angel gown using interfacing and will learn how to embellish with machine stitching. (Students may wish to do some hand applique and hand stitching if that is their preference.)

Machine needles( extras will be available for $1)

$5.00 kit fee



Approximately 17” X 19” when finished

Prewashed fabrics with a Color Guard sheet will help prevent discoloring and shrinkage of wall hanging should you need to wash it delicately.

Fabric requirements assume fabrics are 42” WOF.


You will need to decide whether you want to machine applique or hand applique the head, neck, hands and feet.  You will need different supplies for each technique.

5/8 yd PREWASHED & pressed cotton for front and back

1 yard PREWASHED & pressed cotton flannel- choose a color that will not show through wings, face, neck hands and feet; also use for interlining behind background fabric.

¼ yard cotton fabric for wings—

If hand appliqueing you need 1/3 yard so you can cut wings on the bias

Scrap of skin-tone cotton for face, neck, hands and feet- again, if hand appliqueing, you need enough to cut pieces on the bias

Scraps of 6 to 12 assorted fabrics cotton; I used 1/8 yard of 15 different cotton fabrics. If you have layer cakes, the 10” square will work for this project as well.


14” X 14” piece of medium weight CUT AWAY stabilizer (like Joanns’ Pellon 884) to prevent fabric from puckering when sewing on stitches with machine, NOT FUSIBLE! 

½ yard of Wonder Under (at Joanns), if machine appliqueing wings, face, neck, hands and feet. I hand appliqued these pieces

20” square of cotton batting like Warm and Natural 


½ yard of 1”- wide lace with metallic gold in it (or your color choice)

Two 2 1/2” wide WOF strips for binding (or ¼ yard to be safe)

12” X 12” piece of freezer paper, if hand appliqueing

Narrow gold trim (or your choice of color) for edge of angel’s robe sleeve

Pearls for edge of angel’s sleeve (& angel gown hem?)

Assorted threads, ribbons, beads, lace and embellishments; size of thread, ribbon or cord 

1/2″ wide trim for halo (gold or other color; I used cream and added gold trim)


If embellishing stitches with machine, use a good quality thread like Isacord with a bobbin thread in the bobbin.   Isacord thread makes the stitching look delicate. I used just one color to embellish with stitching.  

100% cotton thread to paper piece angel with your sewing machine

Invisible thread to edge stitch all edges of the angel gown. (Joann’s may has invisible thread. I used Sulky thread.) 


Schmetz Universal machine needle size 80/12; I used a Microtex needle which is stronger and sharper. If you use a Microtex Chrome needle it has been dipped in titanium to make it even stronger

 Schmetz Quilting needle 90/14, but a Schmetz Universal needle 90/14 should also work well. Just take your time going through all the thicknesses.

Hand embroidery needles to make hair 

Hand needles to quilt and finish binding 

Other Supplies:

Working sewing machine with presser feet, bobbins and other parts

Rotary cutter with new blade in it

Add-A-Quarter Ruler 12-inch size – helps cutting lines for paper piecing.

(You can use a clear ruler but need to be careful when cutting to add a quarter of an inch to fabric.)

Small 5” X 7” cutting mat if you have one (Classroom has a couple of mats)

6” X 24” clear ruler, classroom has one also. 

6” X 12” clear ruler if you have one

Small clear ruler (3” x 9”, etc.) if you have one

Flat head pins which help with paper piecing 

Long quilting pins 

Glue stick, if hand appliqueing

Small scissors to cut threads (embroidery scissors work well)

Paper scissors to cut out paper pieced pattern

¼” presser foot if you have one

Open toe presser foot or a clear open toe presser foot, if you have them

Suggested supplies:

ROLL “N PRESS TOOL found on Amazon in place of finger pressing.



Knitting Class for Beginners with Alice Engle

Oct. 5th, Oct.19th, Nov. 2nd, Nov.16th, Nov. 30th, Dec. 14th, Jan. 4th, Jan.18th
Time: 10am – 2pm
Cost: $80members/95 non members (8 classes)

Start your knitting journey with teacher, Alice Engle, who will be teaching basic knitting stitches and will guide you to create a woolen scarf and other lovely knitting treasures.

Class Supply List:
#8 knitting needles (bamboo preferred-no plastic needles
Worsted weight yarn
Small Notebook
Call: 410-490-2087 for additional questions and to sign up.



Jingle Bell Ornament Class on November 4, 2022
Welcome to the world of no-sew ornaments!
Christmas is just around the corner and these holiday bells will make wonderful gifts. Come relax and have fun as you create a ringing sensation of an ornament!
Kit Cost: $15 includes Styrofoam bell, precut fabric squares, pins, precut
Cost: $15(members) $20(nonmembers)
Date: November 4, 2022
Teacher: Debbie Hibbert

Please call Kay Butler to sign up at 410/829-5136.
-Bring a small ruler (1 inch x 6 inches) or 2 ½” x 12” or something comparable,
ribbons, thimble pad



Stitch and Sews

September 1, 2022
October 6, 2022
November 3, 2022
December 1, 2022

10:00am – 2:00pm,
Members $5.00, Non Members $10.00

UFO Stitching Groups

Just Announced:  If you buy 3 sessions of UFO,
you get the 4th one for free!

These fiber artists meet to finish “Unfinished Objects”, in other words, if you have a project that you need time to finish, then this is the event for you! For three consecutive days you can work on your own sewing projects and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of other stitchers. The best thing is that you can leave your machine and materials overnight. 
The following dates have been reserved at the Fiber Arts Center   

September 12-14 & 26-28
October 10-12 & 24-26
November 7-9 & 21-23
December 5-7 & 8-9

There are waiting lists for some dates.
Cost: $30 (for members only) New memberships welcome and you may join easily at the bottom of this newsletter. These groups are filling up fast! Reservations are required.



Favoring thread and found materials, Richmond-based artist Hillary Waters Faye works at the intersection of textile traditions and botany. “Stitching, like horticulture, can be functional,” she says, “a technical solution to join materials/a means of survival. Or, both can be done purely in service of the soul, lifting the spirit through beauty and wonder.”







Julia LeCompte was born in Snow Hill, Maryland in 1843. She married William H. Purnell, a storekeeper, in 1869 and had two sons. She created many types of needle art throughout her life, including quilts, cross-stitch and embroidery. At the age of 85, Julia Purnell began embroidering scenes of homes, churches, and gardens in Snow Hill. She entered her art into hobby and craft shows. Her works won the New York and Philadelphia Hobby Shows, and took the Grand Prize at the Wicomico Farm and Home Show. Purnell’s art became well known and in 1941 she was inducted into the National Hobby Hall of Fame.

Julia Purnell’s son, William, was proud of her art and in 1942 he joined his mother in founding the Julia A. Purnell Museum. The museum housed many of Julia Purnell’s works (many others were given away to admirers), tools she used, and memorabilia from her long life.

Set your calendar for October 7 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm for FIBER FEST,




Mission Statement
The Fiber Arts Center provides a central networking facility for fiber artists in the region, increases public access to and education about fiber art, fosters and promotes creativity in all areas of fiber art, and works to preserve fiber arts skills and traditions.



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