June 8th is the Day to Celebrate with Yarn

All around the world, knitters and crocheters are coming together to make their plans of attack, gathering materials, and scoping out objects that are calling out to be covered in yarn. This coming Sunday, June 8th, 2014, is the main event on the bombers’ calendar. In its third year of existence, International Yarn Bombing Day calls crafters to unite in the goal of covering the world in yarn.

yarn bomb CCCA

Yarn bomb at CCCA courtesy of Margo Koehler.

Yes, it is a little odd to see scarves and hats on bronze statues and custom made cozies for cars, trees, phone booths, and parking meters. But it has become a form of fun, and non-destructive, graffiti that adds character and charm to our bland cityscapes. Also known as guerrilla, or urban, knitting, this 21st century art form blends color, texture, street art, and yarn into sensory stimulation for the masses. Its origins are unknown, with claims coming from Texas, in the U.S., and several countries in Northern Europe, in the early 2000’s.

No matter where you currently are, there is a good chance that there is a yarn bomb near you. In our own area of the Eastern Shore, examples can be found in Chestertown, MD, at the River Arts gallery and at our own gallery in Denton. I have even heard tales of a bombed trashcan, in Ridgely, MD.  Let us know if you have spotted another example anywhere on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Yarn Bomb at Chestertown

Yarn bomb at Chestertown’s River Arts gallery.

So, this Sunday put that scarf in the yard for a day, or do something festive on the porch. Maybe this will inspire you to think of joining in next year, as well.  Join us in celebrating the art in fiber, and proclaim to the world that more color is never a bad thing.