Project Description

Lynn R. Davis

Lynn R. Davis

Fiber Art Artist : Quilting, Sewing
Caroline County, MD

Provides Instruction: Quilting, Sewing
Service Provider: Other Fiber Art Services

Lynn R. Davis has been quilting since 2011.  She used books and videos to start quilting.  Looking for an easy way to finish a quilt on her basic home sewing machine, she found Quilt-As-You-Go (QAYG) methods to be fast and easy.  Lynn now enjoys teaching others, especially brand new quilters, how to use the QAYG methods to start and finish their own quilts.  She teaches that basic quilting can be lots of fun and very achievable for anyone.

Environmental issues are important to Lynn and she is happy to work on Upcycled Quilting projects.  She finds that creating a new and useful product from an old, discarded item is an exciting challenge.  Lynn’s favorite project to date is a T-shirt Memory Quilt.  The quilts are made using someone’s t-shirts that no longer fit, no longer are in fashion, or are part of a special collection that only sits in the closet.  Instead of finding a new home in the landfill, Lynn will give them a new home in a warm and special quilt.

To learn more about Lynn or commissioning your own memory quilt please contact her through email.

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