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Marylou McDonald

Marylou McDonald
Phone: (302)535-8999

Fiber Art Artist : Quilting, Sewing
Kent County, DE

Provides Instruction: Quilting, Sewing

Marylou McDonald has been making Baltimore Album Quilts since 1991 and uses Baltimore Album Quilt (BAQ) blocks as the medium for her teaching, lecturing and research. She has photographed and researched over one hundred antique BAQs in museums and private collections. Some of her research is documented in the 2007 and 2008 Baltimore Album Quilt Engagement Calendars. She has lectured on BAQ history and taught appliqué workshops in California, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Texas, Virginia and Arizona.

Marylou was a past president of the Baltimore Appliqué Society and for nineteen years was on the board of directors and in various other positions. She co-chaired the Lovely Lane Museum Quilt Show and was guest curator for a Baltimore Album Quilt exhibit at the Quilter’s Hall of Fame at the Marie Webster House in Marion, Indiana.

Marylou, along with other Baltimore Appliqué Society (BAS) members, have produced several Baltimore Album Quilt patterns to raise money for museums and the BAS. Marylou has arranged for three antique quilts to be donated to Winterthur Museum in Delaware. She also purchased 27 1846 and 1847 Baltimore Album Quilt Blocks from two different collections.

Recently, Marylou had a Baltimore Album Quilt Block exhibit at the US Embassy located in Cotonou, Benin in West Africa.

She is a member of four quilt guilds, three quilt dating clubs, past member of the Board of Directors for The Quilters Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana and a member of the American Quilt Study Group.

For more information about Marylou please visit her website.

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