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Monika Lilley

Monika Lilley
Phone: (443)373-3115

Fiber Art Artist : Beading, Dyeing, Felting, Knitting, Other Weaving Work, Spinning
Worcester County, MD

Provides Instruction: Felting, Other Weaving Work, Spinning
Service Provider: Preservation, Restoration, and Repair, Other Fiber Art Services

A fiber art instructor and award winner, Monika has been featured on air for Delmarva Life.  She now teaches over 100 classes a year, and demonstrates at the Purnell Museum’s Fiber Fest in Autumn.
Monika Lilley has been working in the fiber arts for over 11 years and has been teaching for over 7. What started out as a small school project quickly grew into something larger than she could ever have imagined. Though she has worked with and studied under many wonderful people along the way most of her experience has come from self teaching or “trial and error” as she says. Fiber Art is truly a “made-from-scratch” art and she loves to introduce others to the joy and relaxation found working in fiber. Preserving and passing on heritage and cultural arts and their historical significance is an important aspect in her teaching. It’s more than just creating something beautiful and unique, it’s a way to continue our world’s traditions. Fiber is unique as an art form. Having started in early history as a necessary skill for daily living, many saw it as a chore, something that simply had to be done. As time passed and new inventions came along, it has evolved into art form. No longer an absolute necessity but instead a creative and relaxing craft for many. From shearing and processing to spinning and weaving, or the dyeing and felting, fiber art offers many fun and challenging art forms to work in. Throughout her checkered teaching career she has worked with schools and summer camps throughout Worcester and Wicomico county and enjoys working with schools to create a program to make a social studies or science lesson come alive. For 5 years she ran Upper Room Studio to supply the shore with quality fiber art equipment and fun classes.
Through everything though, her goal is for children and adults to enjoy an amazing art while taking part in continuing a legacy.
For more information, contact Monika via email.

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